Star Wanderer (2020)

(Work in progress)

Game Category:

Single Player Strategy Game

Game Description:

In this vast universe, not only humans live in it, but many unknown races also share this, and humans may be the smallest and least intelligent species. In Star Wanderer, you can choose different species to start your fantasy journey. You must expand your race and work with other species to develop other planets or become a tyrant, hostile to all non-self species and annex the entire universe. Up to you!


Mobile game on both Android and IOS.


You can choose your species at the start menu, and there are many functions on the game menu, such as colonizing or mining the planet to obtain more population and resources, then use the resources to expand your technology tree. The technology tree is a powerful customized function. Becoming a pacifist or militarist is entirely up to your choice of the technology tree. If you choose more trade mechanisms and more negotiation functions, you can grow steadily; if you choose to strengthen the war technology, you can gain an advantage in interstellar wars, but there will be more and more species against you. In general, growing your own species is the only goal of this game.



Software Engineer and Game Designer

* Designing technology tree function.

* Implementing planets procedural generation.

Game Engine: