Liquidators (2020)

Game Category: 

Single Player Puzzle-solving Horror Game

Game Description:

This game is based on Chernobyl disaster event and this is a true story.  You will become one of the three liquidators who needs to go deep into the bottom of the nuclear power plant to drain the water valve.  If you cannot complete the mission, when the lava melts through the bottom and enters the water reservoir, it will trigger a vapor explosion and blow up all nuclear reactors.






You can control the liquidator to explore the basement of this nuclear power plant. The geiger counter in your hand can detect the surrounding radiation value. The health value will be reduced if you are too close to the radiation source. When the health value is not enough, you need to return to the health hub area to recover. There are mainly three levels, and each level has tasks you need to complete. Only after all the tasks are completed can you save the lives of tens of millions of people.


Unreal Engineer and Game Designer

​​* Design game mechanics and system 

* Implement radioactive waste damage and geiger counter detection

* Developed designer tools including conditional trigger during game mode

Game Engine:

Unreal 4