Escort the Payload (2019)

Game Category:

Single Player Surviving Game

Game Description:

There are three maps in the game, Basin ,Temple, and City, each map has its distinguished buildings. Your mission is to survive as long as you can because there are many enemies(police cars) coming after you.  There are several items you can use in the map, each of one may help you live longer.  Good luck!


Mobile game on both Android and IOS.


You can use left joystick to control your car and move around.  The blue button is to drift, you can use this skill to dodge enemies flexibly.  The red button is to fire bullets, you can use this to destroy enemies but it has reloading time after you fire ten bullets.  There are some interesting things in the map, like speed boost-up and decelerator, and the last one is my favorite, Big Bomb, it can destroy all enemies around player with a wild range, but it doesn't appear usually, so use it with more consideration.


Lead Engineer and System Designer

* Designed and Implemented player control

* Designed and Implemented enemies AI

* Designed and Implemented Bomb function

* Implemented bullet system

* Implemented UI

Game Engine: